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Young independent protesters plan escalation By: shatha al-Harazi

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SANA’A, Apr. 27th — Young independent protesters at Al-Tagheer (Change) Square in Sana’a have started discussing ways that the nearly three-month old revolution might be escalated.  At the main protest stage on Wednesday, activist Tawakul Karman called for a march to the presidential palace.

Although few of the young and educated protesters agreed to the march, the desire for action is growing.

“Beforehand, the whole idea of marching on the palace was impossible for me, as it would sort of be tantamount to committing suicide,” said one of Change Square’s protesters.  “But today, I am willing to do it because the revolution has already taken so long and we need to end it once and for all.”

Three days ago, a new committee that specializes in escalating the revolution was founded by one of the biggest coalitions at Change Square: the Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change.

“The need for this committee is huge,” explained Nashwan Al-Jaber, a member of the escalation committee.  “We feel that things have not moved forward and we are still doing the same old things.  So we need to think about how to make things move forward.”

Al-Jaber said that the committee consists of four blocs that came together to brainstorm and discuss possibilities for escalating the revolution without wasting the protesters’ blood.

“We aren’t thinking very seriously about marching on the palace now, but of course it will be our last step in the escalation plan,” explained Al-Jaber.  “Now we have other ideas that we believe are equally as powerful, such a blocking important roads.”

Meanwhile, more social activities, skill-building workshops and awareness raising campaigns are being organized at Change Square.

On Tuesday, nearly 160 youth movements contributed to what they called “The Demands of the Revolution”.  Their statement reads:

“We affirm that we will continue our peaceful struggle in the squares until we achieve these demands.  We also pledge to protest the revolution and its goals.”

“The main demand is to dismiss President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his relatives from their leading positions,” it explains.  “The subsequent formation of an interim Presidential Council should be composed of five civilian members.  They must be unanimously chosen and cannot be senior leaders from the former regime.  The duties of his Council will include the day-to-day management of the country during the transitional period.  Council Members will not be permitted to run as candidates for the posts of President of the Republic of Prime Minister until a full election cycle has passed.”

The statement continues by saying that a six-month transitional period will begin after a Constitutional Declaration has been issued by the revolution.  The parliament shura council and the local council administration will be dissolved and the constitution will be repealed.


Written by shatha

April 29, 2011 at 12:45 pm

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