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Rebel moles infiltrate loyalist military units By: Shatha Al-Harazi

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Sana’a, June 1 — Loyalist military units have been infiltrated by rebel spies that are passing intelligence along to defected military divisions, according to a 1st Armored Brigade commander

The defected soldiers also claimed that most of the military under Saleh’s command are loyal to the revolution but are frightened to abandon their units.

Instead, they are refusing orders to shell or shoot civilians. They also communicate with members of the revolution or defected soldiers to pass along vital information.

“We have moles in every military unit that inform us of coming attacks or any other plans loyalist commanders may be making,” said Col. Hamdan Faris.

As violence rages in the capital, members of the 1st Armored Brigade are also saying that tribesmen are not the only ones falling under attack.

The First Armored Brigade, the defected military division loyal to Maj. Gen. Al-Mohsen, was also attacked by the Defense ministry as well as rebel tribesmen, according First Armored commanders.

As the ministry of defense denied that the division was attacked, Col. Hamdan Faris from the division confirmed to the Yemen times that the division was attacked for the third time since May 22.

“The division didn’t respond except by using anti-air. The Air Defense attack started around 6:30 PM to 10 PM then it stopped. The fighting then resumed again for three hours” said Faris.

A weapon storage facility that belongs to the Defense Ministry was destroyed according to the same source. “The regime destroyed the storage facility so that rebel tribesmen or civilians couldn’t raid the facility for weapons and munitions to use against the government,” he added.

Major Yahya Al-Dheeb, who defected from the Republic Guard, told the Yemen times that some military locations were handed over to plainclothes gunmen in the last two days and that they were armed to get ready to a civil war.

“They are currently being armed with RPGs and LAW rocket launchers in Arhab, the interior ministry and some tribes loyal to Saleh in Attain” said Faris.

”The president is trying to marginalize the military because he knows that most of them support the revolution.”

Defected soldiers who joined the anti-government protest held a meeting on Tuesday and decided that they should be armed in case of the regime decided to attack the square.

After the third mediation committee failed to broker a truce between rebel tribes and government forces in Sana’a, certain locations in Sana’a came under heavy and continuous shelling, beginning on Monday.

As the tribes men loyal to Shiekh Sadiq Al-Ahmer took over most of the ministerial buildings in Hasaba, the government began shelling in an attempt to retake those buildings. Over 200 people were killed since the fighting began last week, including tribesmen, soldiers, and residents.

The mediation committee warned that the situation was explosive and stated that the hold president Saleh responsible if the fighting should spread, causing nationwide civil war.

“We tried our best to end the fighting between the two parties, things looked promising until we reached Monday,” said Sheikh Fahed Al-Swatti, one of the mediation committee members, to the Yemen Times.

On Monday, tribesmen agreed to return control of government buildings back over to the government and also withdraw from the area, allowing residents to return to their homes woth a feeling of relative safety.

“As we agreed, the Al-Ahmars gave back the Local Administration Ministry, at the same time the military should give the committee Al-Ramah School and the building in front of it at the same time” he explained.

“The military didn’t give the buildings to the committee so the fighting started again,” he added.

“The committee was called by Shaiekh Kahlan Abu Shawarb next morning to find a solution but we failed to, as the situation exploded and we hold the president the responsibility for this,” he added.

The first two mediation committee meetings were attack as the met at the home of Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar. Known as a “black shame” in Arabic, some tribes see the shelling of a tribal mediation as an offense punishable by death.

Following the shelling of the mediation committee meeting, an announcement was made at the Change Square main state stating that whoever was able to deliver Saleh’s head to the square would be declared a “hero of the revolution”.

Independent journalists who joined the protest warned the protesters of being part of the armed conflicts and also said that the opposition parties were weak and have no strong role in the uprising.


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June 2, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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