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Confusion, mixed feelings surround Saleh’s departure By: Shatha Al-Harazi

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Sana’a, June 5 — Jubilant screams and dancing broke out in Change Square after protesters first heard the news of President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s departure to Saudi Arabia for treatment according to an official statement from Saudi government. Based on article 116 from the Yemeni constitution, vice president Abd Rabu Mansur Hadi was placed in charge as acting president.

The Yemeni government has yet to release any official statements to confirm, deny  or clarify the condition of the president of the conditions surrounding his departure.

In spite of Saleh’s departure, fighting between loyalist government military forces and tribesmen continued to rage in the Al-Hasaba district of Sana’a.

Despite the dancing in the squares, the explosions didn’t stop. On Sunday sources from the 1st Armored Division, loyal to defected Major General Ali Mohsen said that an attack was ordered by acting president Hadi against the 1st Armored Division camp inside the city. The explosion left two dead and 15 injured.

“This will be the last explosive fired against the Division, I promise” Major Hamdan Faris told the Yemen Times.  “Many of the Republican Guards will join the revolution today” he said.

Abd Al-Ghani Al-Eryani, a political analyst told the Yemen Times that the whole situation is just the implementing of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries initiative that was signed by parties, the Joint Meeting Parties [the Opposition Coalitions Parties] and the ruling party that plans a peaceful transmission of power.

President Saleh on Saturday declared his willingness to complete the GCC initiative according to the official news agency.

“What happened is just step number one of the three steps that was suggested by the GCC initiative” Said Al-Eryani. ”He rules 30 days and authorize his duty to his deputy. The General People’s Congress signed and the Joint Meeting Parties signed with Saleh as the only obstacle in its implementation.

There are conflicting reports that Saleh’s Family, who have command positions in the military and armed forces, left with him to Saudi.

“We still aren’t sure who has left with Saleh. I would prefer that his family stay and answer to parliament to shed light on the past four months of protests, to give us a look behind closed door,” said Al-Eryani.

Al-Eryani said that also people are celebrating in the streets for the revolution victory still it didn’t meet its aim yet in withdrawing the regime. “Everything the peaceful protesters seek hasn’t happened yet. There is no parliamentarian regime under the rule of law. What happened is just the symbol of the corrupt dictator retreating, not the regime itself,” he added.

“We need the GCC initiative to complete the procedures of bringing down the regime,” he said.

A ruling party official has reported that Saleh will return to Yemen in a couple of days.

MP Shwaqi Al-Qadhi said that the peaceful revolutionary youth have a harder task now and need to come together to fight for their revolution’s goals to come true and to prevent the “counter- revolution” of those who would try to get benefit from the revolution and ruin it.

“The world is still waiting for the US position. They are still trying to rearrange their policies and the Arabs still waiting for Saudi Aribia to react,” said al-Qadhi.


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June 7, 2011 at 7:12 am

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