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Abyan IDPs face disease, malnutrition BY: Shatha Al-Harazi

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SANA’A, Jul. 17 — Abyan’s IDPs in Aden are more likely to get viruses diseases NS tuberculosis due to bad nutrition that is spreading among the residents themselves.

Cholera cases were already foundin the IDPs schools according to Ahlam Sofan, program associate at the United Nations Population Fund.

“We are scared of standing water as the IDPs use it for washing their clothes.  Using this water increases the chances that diseases will spread,” said Sofan.

There is also lack of medication for the IDPs. Diabetes patients and people with high blood pressure are suffering the most by not having regular access to health care.

One of the IDPs who lives with his 12 sons and their families in a classroom of one of Aden’s schools told the Yemen Times that he doesn’t have the medicine after spending 45 days in the school.

“I am from Zinjibar, I ran away from death but it seems like we still facing the same threat of death here” said Abu Ahmed.

The Deputy Minister of Information, Abdo Al-Janadi, said that Minister Ahmed Al-Kuhlani was assigned to follow the IDPs situation in Aden and Lahj two weeks ago and that the state is trying its best to solve the crisis.

“Death is better than the life they [the IDPs] live now” said Al-Janadi in a press conference

According to Sofan who visited the IDPs in Lahj and Aden, the IDPs in Lahj are more organized and will benefit from any aids more than those in Aden as they are given serial numbers by the governorate office so it’s easier to know where they are and reach them.

In Lahj 90% of the IDPs are located in host communities, 5 % are located in schools and 5% rent their own accommodations. They are all registered with the health office of the governorate.

Last week the UNFPA distributed dignity kits to female IDPs. The kits include basic needs for women such as Abayas and undergarments. As the IDPs escaped from Abyan during the shelling and fighting between the state and the armed groups alleged to be Al-Qaeda among them – left with only the clothes on their backs.

“The dignity kits helps women to look decent enough to go out and ask for help from the health office,” said Marc Vandenberg he the UNFPA representative in Yemen.

The IDPs were happy to receive the dignity kits. “We ran without taking any clothes thinking that the war would be over soon and we would return but this wasn’t the case, we have been here for 45 days without any cloths we needed this bag badly,” said Uom Bushra an IDP who received the dignity kit.

However some thought distributing food or mattresses would be better. “We are not in a position to choose what aid to take. I am happy to have this kit but as long as I need food I would say the kit is unnecessary now,” said another IDP who received the bag.

Although the health office said that the governor gave YR 30 million to aid the IDPs, one of the shelter school supervisors said that so far the aid is coming from international NGOs and local businessmen and nothing from the state.

“We have nothing left to sell but our children, we need money to treat our children,” said one of the IDPs.


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July 18, 2011 at 7:05 am

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