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Renewed fears of civil war back post Al-Hasaba returning clashes By: Shatha Al-Harazi

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SANA’A, Aug 6 – Residents of Al-Hasaba area in Sana’a conveyed their fear at a civil war breaking out in the capital city after clashes in there are took place between Al-Hamar tribe and Republican Guards on Saturday. This is the second time the area witnesses armed conflict which erupted the first time end of May this year. However, this time the First Armored Division of the defected military leader General Ali Mushin Al-Ahmar’s headquarters between Al-Hasaba and the 60 meters road was also attacked by rockets on Friday.

Some online Yemeni media sites reported that the shelling against the first armored Division stopped when major general of the division, Ali Muhsen, threatened to attack the presidential palace, the division told the Yemen Times that this threat was not true.

“We will never use violence, this is what they [the regime] want to lead us to, a civil war” said Major Colonel Abdalsalam Al-Aliani of the division. “Although their rockets reached the division still we are committed to the peaceful revolution and will not use violence.”

The clashes between the Republican Guards and Hashid confederation tribes headed by Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer in Al-Hasaba continued for two days Friday and Saturday and are reported to have stopped now.

The clashes in the neighborhood forced some families out of their houses seeking safety elsewhere while others felt helpless believing that if the civil war started nowhere in Sana’a will be safe. “We are tired of leaving our houses and returning back to them every time there is conflict. We are tired of running for our lives trying to avoid the unavoidable war,” said Abdurrahman Al-Sumaini, one of al-Hassaba residents.

Sings of the clashes began on Thursday at Ghuthim market near to the Television neighborhood; three tribesmen were injured, each party accuses the other of starting it. Residents of the area told the Yemen Times that some tribesmen who belong to Hemiar Al-Ahmer , the deputy  of the parliament’s speaker and sheikh Sadiq’s brother, stole two state armored vehicles near Ghuthim market which led the Republican Guards to react by shelling Hemiar’s house in sofan area near Al-Hassaba .

“On Friday, the attack on Hemiar al-Ahmar’s house started from five o’clock until quarter pass six “said one of the residents.

“They [the Republican Guards] used RBG and heavy machine guns, we [the residents] got used to it by now” said al-Sumini.

Official news agency, Saba net, denied any clashes in Al-Hassaba. A security source told Saba that armed gangs belongs to Al-Ahmer had attacked a checkpoint in Sana’a.

‘’If these bands continue carrying out their criminal and subversive acts, the security officers will do duty to preserve the security and stability of the community,” said the source.

Residents reported that the conflicting parties managed to have a truce to stop the conflict that actually stopped on Friday after 7:00 pm. According to Othman Al-Swati on of Al-Ahmer’s men, the truce was to the Republican Guards to stop shelling after Al-Ahmer tribesmen give back the stolen vehicles. The tribesmen told the residents that there is a truce in order to calm them down and prevent them from leaving their houses. The actual ceasefire took place on Saturday evening.

However, some loyalists to Sheikh sadeq Al-Ahmer, lunched a press release on Saturday condemn shelling Hemiar’s house and terrifying the innocents in al-Hassaba which hasn’t recovered yet from the first warfare in May. The source also warned that if the Republican Guards continue their attacks the tribe will reply by any possible means indicating of using violence.

He called on the Republican guards’ soldiers to refuse obeying any orders from Saleh’s family and not to be involved in crimes that will not be forgotten and to leave their position and go back to their homes.

Sheikh Sadeq last week vowed that president Saleh, who has been treated in Saudi Hospital since Jun3, will no more rule the country after announcing the tribal ally to defend “the peaceful revolution”.

According to Al-Arabiya net the US ambassador in Sana’a has warned that Yemen is will face crises if the political parties didn’t go for dialogue to find a solution soon.


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August 8, 2011 at 3:31 pm

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