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Sara Jamal is a 23 years old woman, known as the English tongue of the peaceful revolution. She is a well-educated woman helping raise awareness and spread the word of peace in Change Square where the anti-government protest has taken place since February.

Sara was one of the first girls to attend the “academic tent” [one of the square’s tents for academic sessions and discussion on the revolution]. She has played an important role in awareness the square, calling for more understanding between different groups in Yemen, both politically and socially.

Attending an academic session in a tent full of men chewing qat [green planet Yemenis chew] is not socially well accepted, especially when some of the attendees are tribesmen.

Silent march

Sara has fed the square with creative ideas; including a silent march to condemn the international community’s own silence over the killing of peaceful protesters in Yemen.

The silent march, which happened in April, was the first in change square since the protests started. It saw the well-known activists who usually lead protests and marches being led by young activists who showed determination and faith in the revolution of Yemen.

Sara made the march participants covered their mouths with tape and raise hand written signs that read different phrases instead of the usual chants shouted by the protesters.

One sign read: “How many of us should die for the world to pay attention”.

It reflected the belief among Yemenis that the western media pays more attention where protesters are killed and massacres are committed.

This is not just an issue with the media; it is also reflected in the role played by the US and European Union as observers to the events in Yemen – there has been no remarkable progress and they have not expressed a firm position on the Yemeni regime.

Sara said all this in her speech to thousands of protesters, who paid great attention to the new style of march she brought.

Sara stands confidently giving a speech to even millions of people, as in the celebration of 21 anniversary of unification between south and north Yemen that the protesters organized.

Sara gave her second speech in English as well, speaking to the world to say that Yemen will always be unified by its people – that the unification was never ali Abdullah Saleh’s achievement.

Sara’s second march

The second march she organized was as creative as the first and managed to grab media attention. It was also part of the youth activities celebrating unification day on May 22.

The second march was a balloons march – another first for the Yemeni revolution. The idea was for all participants and protesters to hold balloons of three colors; red, white and black, the colors of the Yemeni flag.

“Using the flag’s colors is designed to strengthen our unity,” said one participant.

Sara used with two friends to help mobilize people, raising social awareness in different tents across Change Square.

“Me and Sara came to the square to change the social mentality rather than remove the regime; Sara came to pass her information on the civil state she is seeking for the protesters,” Sara’s colleague told the Yemen Times.

Sara pays a lot of attention to the southern cause, which if unsolved, might lead to separation.

Sara always expresses her hopes for Yemen to be a civil state; she stands against any actions inside the square that seems to be contrary to this concept such as not allowing women to march along with men one time.

She was attended a conference for activists, calling for gender inequality from Islamists. Although Sara didn’t approve of being videoed, the conference was filmed by state-run TV and played all that day to highlight the various defections among civil society activists and Islamists from the square and the differences between them.


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September 7, 2011 at 7:13 pm

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