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Regime concerned over potential UN resolution

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SANA’A, Oct 5 — Security is tense in the capital today after massive marches in al-Steen streets were followed by violence against civilians in different parts of both Sana’a and Taiz.  There are large military deployments in the capital; the armed soldiers are of theSpecial Forces. IT is believed that these forces are deployed in anticipation of the Security Council verdict. There are more security Forces at Hail st near the Change Square, Al-Hasaba. The armored Vehicles in Al-Zubairy street and Al-Zera’a street have withdrawn from the main streets

“We cannot tell you why the private Guards are present everywhere. This is a top secret assignment” said a corporal of the SpecialForces to the Yemen Times.

“Since last night security forces have withdrawn from the check points in the area, they took the armored vehicles that was in front my door to a more hidden location somewhere else in the area. This is to merely fool the world, to show that we are safe now. It’s really all about the Security Council verdict” said Mosa’ab Al-Abdulleh, a Al-Zubairy resident.

Since Monday clashes have continued between the defected Army loyal to Major General Ali Mohsen and the Army loyal to President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Clashes have taken place in different parts of Sana’a, especially in Hail Street.

“I live on Hail Street. I was trying to get home when the first Armored Division (the defected army) stopped me and prevented me from getting to the area,” said a Hail Street resident.

Other residents complained that the Division warned residents against selling any building utilized by the Republican Guards snipers — threats against the livelihood of residents has also been reported.

“No one wants the Snipers to use their building, but what can we do? If we are not killed by the Snipers will be killed by the Division,” said Ali Al-Sakkaf, another resident from Hail Street.

Sounds of intermittent explosions were heard since Monday. Monday was also the day the United Nations envoy left the country to present his report before the Security Council.

The opposition has called to escalate the revolution by taking the Yemeni case to the Security Council. Their aim is to call for international penalties against president Saleh.

The French Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero, said on Monday that France is watching the situation in Yemen carefully

“France urges the Security Council to carefully watch the situation in Yemen and make a strong statement on any outbreak of violence in the country,” Valero told a news conference in Paris.

France, Britain and the US have worked together to help the situation in Yemen. They have stated that they will draw “large lines” to find a way to implement the Gulf Countries Initiative. The Initiative calls for a transition of power in Yemen. China and Russia, however, are not involved in calling for the same proposal.

Abdulghani Al-Eryani, a political analyst has said that the situation in Yemen is getting worst although there is a possibility that civil war be avoided. He added that presenting Yemen’s case to the Security Council may not bring about positive change in the country and that Saleh should be the blamed for placing the country in this conundrum through his desires to stay in power.

“The Security Council will say that the deterioration in Yemen will impact international peace and stability. Further it may maintain that should the situation worse, the Security Council may place Yemen under the regency of the United Nation,” said Al-Eryani.

Further, he elaborated,  “Yemen then will be a “hostage” of the United Nation until the major problems in Yemen are solved. These problems include the issue of piracy and terrorism and these problems will take at least 10 years to be resolved.”

Al-Eryani added that seeking the Security Council’s help implies that Yemen has lost its “sovereignty and independence “. He blames the opposition parties for the situation as well.

“Saleh is first amongst those who should be blamed but the opposition is also blinded by their greed for power; they prefer limited power rather than nothing” said al-Eryani.

Moreover, after president Saleh’s repeated refusal to sign the GCC initiative — five times thus far. Further the initiative has been amended to hold early election instead of Saleh’s resignation. The Joint Meeting Parties — the collation of opposition parties — who had announced their rejection to any elections prior to an amendment and reform in the  election law have also said that they are willing to hold early elections if only Saleh‘s sons and nephews quit their positions from the armed forces this week.

“The early election is what the GCC initiative stated. All what we are saying is that the Military, Security and the economy should be independent from “family domination” and should be transferred to national institutions. Following that we are ready to hold the elections after a 24 hours period,” said Mohmmed Qahtan, the JMP spokesman.

Qahtan commented to the Yemen Times, “We [the JMP] do not demand any reforms.” On the issue of reforms the JMP demanded to hold an election in 2010.

“If the military was reformed then they would be door opened for presidential elections. That has already been stated in the GCC initiative” he added.

Al-Eryani said that the only way out for Yemen is the GCC initiative. Further it is said that Saleh returned to Yemen — from Saudi Arabia where is was undergoing treatment — merely to stop penning the deal, after it had been delegated to his vice president.


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October 6, 2011 at 9:26 am

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