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Regime supporters, opposition engaged in electronic war

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SANA’A, Oct. 9 — Electronic wars between supporters of the regime and its opponents was launched with proficiency and skillful techniques. Different groups on Facebook named “The Yemeni Electronic Military” teach their followers how to hack a website belongs to the regime. Over 12,000 people follow this group.

These groups display a democratic approach equipped with transparency when dealing with the followers. The use Facebook as a tool to survey whether their practices are ethical and just in their methods. They also ask if the followers would or would not want the hacking of their opponents websites.

The anti-regime’s groups on Facebook list the “thugs’” websites to be attacked or reported and deactivated. It also shows the followers the steps along with illustration that aims to explain how to hack the website or report it. The attacks target the most effective websites or group that advocate one sided views or spread rumors.

“Dear Heroes of the Yemeni Electronic Military: Our attacks will expand from Facebook groups to Youtube channels. It hurts us as revolutionaries to see the videos of assault against the revolution. Therefore we hope you will all get ready ready for the Youtube cleaning campaign,” posted the military group.

Attack this page!!

The followers of these groups post the link of the other groups they want to attack saying “Attack this page”. If the creators maintain that the page should be reported, more people have to sign the report (like a petition) than those who have “liked” the page. This has given birth to an electronic war and is a tool to fight the regime and seek more followers and thus supporters to their cause.

The attackers have hacked the official page of the Sheba state-run TV channel, Omran press, and the hawrni ana Yemeni group which is the most prominent websites that is against the revolution. Once a website is hacked the founder of the group then posts in other groups; he  warns the followers so as to not share their information on the hacked page. There have been cases where the hacked geeks find another group instead of reviving the hacked one. The war is about maintaining moment and not losing time; it is also about keeping the enemy busy. Adding people to the group is more important for them than attacking websites in order to enact revenge.

Unifying the Yemeni-Syrian revolution efforts

There is a strong threat that binds together the Yemeni protesters and the Syrians’ on the streets and this support is espoused on the groups. Two weeks ago the name of the Friday was the same for both Yemeni and Syrian revolutionaries; the activists thus called it “our Yemen and Syria Friday”. The aim behind this was to show show the world that both countries suffer from the current regimes. The unification efforts are also seen on the electronic level in these groups. A group that is called “The Syrian Electronic Military” exchanges advice with the Yemeni one. Sometimes they help each other determine the targets.

“As we promised you a surprise, we proudly tell you today that we hacked three facebook pages and one Youtube channel of the Syrian thugs in solidarity with Syrian revolution “ the military group posted.

Who is operating the attacks?

These groups act metholodically and seriously to help the revolution and this often means the recruitment of qualified hackers by posting the “vacancy” on their pages and websites.

“The Yemeni Electronic Military announce their need to hire volunteers who are qualified in: hacking websites and devices, Photoshop and design, security and protection,  video Montage, please email us to get the chance to serve the revolution especially for those who are away from freedom and dignity squares”  reads the vacancy announcement post.

Hackers come to know their opponents after launching campaigns against each other, however these hackers are not the malicious kind as they show good ethical judgement in treating their opponent with high morals. They tend to leave their political disagreement aside.

“Despite our disagreement and different directions, we as people of one country and for the great morals we have as revolutionaries obligate us to condolence our opponent for his father death, there for we ask all the  members to stop our attacks, comments and reports against the thugs for 24 hours, and we encourage you to give your condolence in their websites.”


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October 10, 2011 at 8:04 am

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