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Faces from Yemen’s Revolution: Abdulaziz Rajeh

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He died in the name of the revolution when a Republican guard’s bullet found its way to his head in the Kuntaky Round violence. He was only 26 years old and he died because he was convinced he could get his rights and his freedom peacefully.

On September 18, Martyr Abdulaziz Rajeh, participated in a march against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime. He proceeded to his house to pray Maghreb. “My mother asked him to bring her some water, he brought the water. Then he told her that is going to Change Square.” Rajeh’s mother yelled that he should stop, that he should not go back out. “He walked to his death,” said his brother, Khaled Rajih.

According to Khalid, Abdulaziz used to participate in anti-government marches. He went to the fateful march after receiving news that a photographer had been killed. Khalid was one of the most active photographers in the square. Abdullaziz was just checking to see if his brother was alive. Today his brother speaks to us and Rajeh is the victim, it is he who took the bullet.

“He asked a friend about me, and then he saw the snipers shooting from the rooftop of an electricity public corporation branch in Al-Zubairi. He entered the building to stop them and they shot him,” said his saddened brother.

Abdulaziz’s case was a curious once: he once was a trainer  for the Republican Guard. He used to teach them how to protect themselves and it might one of them who took his life.

“My brother was a soldier in the Republican Guard. He was a boxing trainer there and he was by the same forces,” said Khalid.

But Abdulaziz was a controversial person. One the one hand, he chose peaceful means to express his views in opposition to the regime and on the other hand he trained the very men fighting for the survival of the regime for a living.

He had won seven medals in boxing. His last one was a golden medal in 2007. ”He trained in Al-Wehda boxing club in Sana’a. Boxing was his passion since he was a little boy,” said his brother.

Before his death, he had suffered under the regime as they suspended his salary as a boxing trainer for the republican Guards. ”After he was killed his colleagues at Azal club made a  trophy but the regime closed the club.” In the end there was no trophy, just death and loss as athletes were prevented from honouring him. Abdulaziz helped rescue people on March 18. On that day 52 people died by bullets fired from the snipers at Change Square.


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October 17, 2011 at 8:00 am

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