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Fresh violence follows Saleh and Muhsen truce

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SANAA, Oct.26 — Loud explosions were heard in the capital following Tuesday’s announcement of a truce between the conflicting parties.

According to eyewitnesses, the explosions continued in residential areas including Rubata Street, Hail Street, Al-Zubairi Street and Sofan Street.

“We kept hearing the explosions getting stronger and stronger; we can tell if it is close or far after months of suffering this situation,” said Ahmed Al-Solwi, a resident of Hail Street.

The alleged truce between President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s forces and the defected Major General of the First Armored Division, Ali Mohsen, began at 1500 on Tuesday, according to a statement from the Yemen Embassy in Washington.

“Announcement of a ceasefire in the capital city of Sana’a following weeks of destructive and deadly clashes. The implementation of the truce began today at 1500 hours local time, Sana’a,” it read.

The statement also mentioned that a designated committee would oversee the removal of checkpoints and barricades.

“The accord highlights the importance of protecting the lives of innocent civilians by ending the armed occupation of public and private properties. In order to restore peace in the capital, armed factions are to depart the city,” said the statement.

“Furthermore, law enforcement units will be positioned at public installations and detained individuals will be released. The truce announcement has included a clear timeline for the practical implementation of the demilitarization process.”

However, the ceasefire does not appear to have been implemented; just a few hours later the violence resumed in Hassaba and Sofan.

Asker Zuail, Ali Mohsen’s spokesman, denied the statement. However, a source in the Division, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Yemen Times that there had been a ceasefire but the Division’s allies had not known and continued shelling so the truce ended.

As a result of the lack of transparency, the public lost their trust in any information they get on the military level.

Receiving news of the ceasefire, protesters told the Yemen Times that the truce was a ruse to win time for Saleh forces to prepare for a bigger assault.

“No one knows the truth, the truce could last for two hours or two days, but for sure they will get back to fight soon” said activist Atiaf Al-Wazeer.

Before the “ceasefire” there was heavy shelling on both Tuesday and Wednesday with at least 21 deaths and many more injured in clashes and shelling around the city.


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October 27, 2011 at 11:26 am

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