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Yemenis questioning the GCC deal

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Many Questions followed the power transition deal signing ceremony in Nov.23  in which President Ali Saleh who had been in office for 33 years,  has delegated his authorities to his deputy Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

These are some of the questions that Yemenis do not have clear answers to:

 What would happen if Hadi was killed before the censuses election that is supposed to be hold in Feb.21? There are some parties who will benefit from sabotage the deal especially that  the deal excluded many main parties in the Yemeni political life

What will happen if the Parliament did not vote for Saleh’s immunity in Dec.25?.

What will happen if other strong candidates run for the presidency election inFeb.21 that was designed in the deal to legitimate VP Hadi to be the next president for two years.

IIt is worth mentioning that only two parties signed the deal which means practically it is not obligating independent youth, the Houthies and southern Movement. So any candidate from these parties can run  for the election.

 According to the Yemeni blogger and journalist Afrah Nasser , the Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakkol Karman ,32, announced  that she will run for Feb.21 presidency election, although in September Karman answered my question about  the possibility of her running for presidency  by saying “Presidency is not my ambition, I want to stay as a part of the youth Movement to be always watch dogs”.

The Yemeni constitution  stats that candidates should be at least 40 years old. The big question will be what would happen then??

 UN envoy Jamal Benomar, who has the responsibility to submit a report on the deal progress and Yemen situation to the Security Council, visited Saleh today.

 according to the state news agency Benomar updated Saleh on what he found in his two short visits to Aden and Taiz. He also updated him on his latest talks with different political parties. Al-Tageer net, independent news website, quoted high official who asked to remain anonymous that Beomar along with the USA ambassador in Sana’a are holding talks with, defected Majior General Ali Mohsen and Saleh  in order to re-unify the military which is part of deal. The question is, according to the deal Saleh has no power, why would Benomer update him on the situation. Why would he be part of the talks on unifying the military, when it should be hold with his son, Ahmed Ali, who is the commander of the Republican guards?

Is Saleh still the supreme leader of the armed forces or that task was delegated to VP Hadi as well?

Finally the most important Question,  why was the Independent youth who started the revolution in Feb. 2011 left out of the deal?? What is the role they should play now to stop hijacking the revolution? What are the tools they have for such role, especially if the new government tried to remove the protests.

If the Yemeni people had someone trustworthy to answer these questions, they would have a chance to decide wisely what they want next. Transparency is what they need before anything else.



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December 13, 2011 at 10:53 am

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