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Yemeni Youth back to action

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After ten months of protesting to topple the regime, Yemenis say “the cake” was divided between the ruling party and the opposition parties as a result of the protests.  The youth who have started the protest have not reached any of their aims. The revolution in Yemen was hijacked by political parties to get to power after decades of dreaming of it and the change is really slow.

On the other hand, The independent youth mobilized their power to change the game to their favor. They decided to march in a different way this time to tell the world that they are still fighting for the change they want in Yemen. The march this time was for a 170 Mile from Taiz -the second largest city- to the capital Sana’a. Thousands have been marching since Tuesday Morning are expected to arrive to Sana’a on Friday Morning.  the protesters called their march, The March of life indicating bringing life to their revolution after months of political negotiations.

The March was scheduled prior to the exceptional parliamentary session to vote for President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s immunity on Dec.25 according to the power transition deal that was signed in Nov.23. the deal delegated Saleh deputy to be the acting president until an early election is held on Feb.21. in return Saleh  and  whoever has worked for him should be given immunity from prosecution by the parliament. The deal also brought the opposition political parties to power by a fifty fifty government style.

 It is worth mention that the current parliament is headed by Yahia al-Ra’I who was proved paying for thugs to kill protesters. 

Protesters from change square in Sana’a went to Dhamar to receive the March and join it to the end of their journey.

“The march is so tiring, our shoes cannot bear it any more, our faces look like we came from the graves, but we walk joyfully as we are walking toward heaven” said one of the protesters.   

Change square protesters in Sana’a organize a reception for the march.

“We are organizing a reception ceremony, whoever wants to participate should rejecter his/ her name before Friday morning” said  Abdallah Samof Sana’a Organizing committee. He added that buses will be transferring the participant from change Square to Naqeel Yasleeh –One of Sana’a entries- to start the celebration.

The youth decided to march in front of the parliament and the cabinet on Saturday to reject the immunity. Also to examine the opposition that became part of the government if they will act the same way Saleh acted or not.

The March of Life is the first of its kind since the Arab spring has begun. It is aimed to left up the youth spirit. And to unify their efforts. Thugs are reported getting prepared in Naqeel Yasleh.




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December 22, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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