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This letter to the US ambassador in Sana’a was written by the Familyof Yahia Al-Dheeb, who was kidnapped last week. Aj-Dheeb was the first soldier to join the peaceful revolution defecting from Ali Abdullah Saleh’s troops last year, risking his life for Yemen.

Although Major General Ali Mohsen eventually also defected, whenAl-Dheeb spoke to the Yemen Times in October last year, he criticized Ali Mohsen, again risking his life. Al-Dheeb was kidnapped from Sana’a’s Sabeen Street on Saturday Feb. 11, 2012 and has not been heard from since.

Check the interview here :

Please help Al-Dheeb by spreading the word. for more information read his family letter to the USA ambassador as the last hope to find him.

Date: February 17, 2012

Dear Mr. Ambassador Gerald Michael Feierstein
Embassy of the United States of America
Sana’a – Republic of Yemen

Dear Sir,


We are very sorry for interrupting your busy schedule reading this letter, as we do recognize your hard efforts supporting the whole Republic of Yemen during these difficult circumstances. However, we tried our best to resolve our problem without referring back to you, but it seems you are our last and final hope.

Our problem started when our brother, Yahia Ali Yahia Al-Dheeb a President’s Armed Forces soldier of Ali Abdullah Saleh, decided to practice his citizen right of saying no when things are not going right. On 20 February 2011, he was the first person from the President’s Armed Forces joined peacefully the protesters at Al-Tagheer Square.

During the previous year, he was called many times to attend to the president’s palace to discuss his demands, however, he was afraid of going back and he was believing that his demands are all Yemenis’ demands. Due to his refusal, and being the only one from the President’s Armed Force joining the protesters, the investigation team of General Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, tried their bests to locate his place to take him back to the base, but they couldn’t.

After General Ali Muhseen Al Ahmer joined the protesters, it became less important to capture him; therefore, he started to live normally, exiting the square and coming back home. He further decided to look after his family that consists of two wives and 3 kids (2 lovely girls and an ambitious boy). He borrowed some money and purchased a taxi that was making some decent income to recover the unpaid salary.

On 11 February 2012, we lost all contacts with him. We were unable to reach him via mobile and he did not show up again at home. Three days after, we received a call from someone, who said that he was with Yahia (as a taxi customer) when the President’s Security check point at Al Musbahi Square, in front of Yemen Germany Hospital, caught them. Yahia and his car were taken by the President’s Security Force and they hardly left the passenger after they ensured that he has no links with Yahia. We were lucky that Yahia gave our number to this passenger and we carry huge respect to him taking an action and calling us.

After many contacts with his colleagues, one of them confirmed that he saw his taxi in the President’s Palace Parking Yard. We tried many times to reach the Palace, and reached nowhere. Various calls made and the responses were contradicting by either denying him being in the Palace, or confirming that General Tariq wants him.

We did not stop here, we further protested in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. They were very cooperative as they requested three representatives to meet the Country Minister of Prime Ministry Authority, Mrs. Jawhara and we did. We gave her a copy of our complain letter as she promised to discuss it with the Prime Minister. She was very nice and cooperative as she further promised to contact the Minister of Defense to further discuss this topic with him. At the time we left Mrs. Jawhara’s office, we also met Mrs. Horiah Mashhoor, Human Rights Minister, and discussed this topic with here. She was also cooperative as she promised to follow up and feed us back. However, the image is totally dark and this scares us.

You may have notice that we did our best, but reached nowhere and concluded no hopes. All family members are disappointed and we feel we lost him.

We wrote this letter as our last hope to get your support on this matter as we truly believe that USA, as a whole country, government and citizens are the leaders calling and fighting for democracy and we believe Yahia did nothing wrong other than practicing his democracy right.

We also know that this letter may not reach your hands, and we respect that, being busy resolving bigger nation issues, however, if it did reach your hands, please HELP for the sake of making a change in this country and for the sake of having a father back home looking after his kids, wives and parents.

Please accept our advance thanks and may god give you more health and power supporting Yemen overcoming the current critical circumstances.

Best regards,

Family of Yahia Ali Yahia Al-Dheeb
A protester and an ex-soldier of President Ali Saleh Armed Forces


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February 18, 2012 at 8:21 am

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