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Vital Voices Global Partnership honors female leaders, Washington Post

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By Published: June 6

As the sightseers round a corner in a chartered van, their tour guide recites facts about the capital city through a scratchy microphone. But these are no ordinary tourists. Salwa Bugaighis and Amira Yahyaoui, two of nine female activists from around the world being feted in Washington this week, are deep in conversation about feminism and its frustrations in the aftermath of their countries’ revolutions.Household names in their homelands, the dissidents — Bugaighis, one of the first women on Libya’s transitional council, who resigned to protest the role’s tokenism, and Yahyaoui, 27, Tunisia’s leading anti-censorship blogger — will be honored Wednesday night at the Kennedy Center by the Vital Voices Global Partnership. The event is sort of like the Oscars, but for the world’s toughest women’s rights activists.


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November 9, 2012 at 4:27 pm

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